High Schools and Youth Programs

Transform the lives of your high school students
with Roots of Success!

Roots of Success for High schools and Youth Programs is the go-to curriculum for schools looking to enhance their capacity to help students develop academic, professional and leadership skills. This is achieved through an environmental lens which concurrently helps students develop an understanding and a vocabulary to discuss environmental issues, identify innovative solutions, respond to community needs, and explore career pathways in multiple sectors of the green economy.

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Roots of Success works because we help students understand the connection between education to employment and in doing so provides students with the professional and academic skills they need to be successful.

 Roots of Success is aligned to Common Core and focuses on:

  • Science, Math and Quantitative Reasoning
  • Language Arts
  • Career and College Readiness
  • Civic Engagement and Leadership
  • STEM concepts and skills
  • Financial Literacy and Social Entrepreneurship

Roots of Success at Work:

Oscar Media from the Western Institute for Leadership Development talks about Roots of Success’ impact in his classroom: