U.S Green Building Council
Check out the strides made by this powerful non-profit working to promote green building.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED): Learn about this esteemed certification program and how it has changes the face of green building and development in America.

Tool Base
Learn about green building by studying the technology.

Take a look at the International Conference for green building technology, practice and tools.

Green Campus Campaign
Learn how to green your school from the bottom up.

Green Building and GIS
What is GIS? How is it changing the way we build green?

U.S Energy Information Administration
Building Characteristics: Understand the amount of energy used by various types of buildings. What is the Federal government doing to cut cut down on carbon emissions from buildings.

Healthy Building Network
With more than 3 billion tons of building materials thrown away each year, it’s about time someone took a look at the environmental justice impacts of so much waste on our most disadvantaged communities. Spend some time with this socially conscious network of environmental health leaders. (and be sure to check out their thoughtful ‘Mission and Principals’ section.)