Health, Food & Agriculture

Pesticide Action Network
What is the fuss over buying ‘organic’ all about? This international advocacy, research and policy organization will explain just that, and a whole lot more. With this easy to use site you can learn a lot of hard to read information about pesticides in our bodies, our food, our water, our land and our children. Learn how to protect yourself and organize your community around safety from harmful chemicals.Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

“Where global and local meet sustainability.”
Understand how global trade agreements affect domestic farm and food policies.

Genetic Engineering Policy Alliance
Protecting farmers, families and the environment, this network of organizations advocates for precautionary principals on genetically engineered food and agriculture.

Ecological Farming Association: Check out this organizations efforts to bring together entire regions to curb the negative effects of industrial agriculture on people and communities.

Sustainable Agriculture Education
This organization develops projects for educators, public agencies, developers, planners, and community groups in effort to develop widespread urban edge agriculture that is sustainable and accessible.

People’s Grocery
Healthy Food for Everyone: Explore the work of this organization that has dedicated itself to improving the health and economy of West Oakland through the supply of fresh food, job creation and community activism.

American Dietetic Association
Food and Nutrition in Public Policy: Get an idea for the current condition of mainstream food politics in America.

Community Gardens: How To
United States Department of Agriculture Access to Affordable and Nutritious Food-“Measuring and Understanding Food Deserts and Their Consequences: Report to Congress” Understand food deserts, their characteristics and consequences from the perspective of the United States government.

World Health Organization
“20 Questions on Genetically Modified Foods”

Union of Concerned Scientists
How is biotechnology currently being used in agriculture? What are the impacts? Human? Environmental? What are some big picture solutions? This informative site can give you the facts and show you how to protect food from corporate interference.

Union of Concerned Scientists
Read about sustainable agriculture practices from the Union of Concerned Scientists. This site includes information on the impacts of industrial agriculture, genetic engineering and an array of ‘Big Picture Solutions,’ policy initiatives, and success stories.

Local Harvest
This useful resource helps you find farmers’ markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainable food in your area. Just type in your zip code and you can choose from a list of restaurants, grocery stores, farmers’ markets and farms and even see them mapped out.

“Sensational, Educational & Inspirational,” is the slogan of this WebEcoist. Check out this site’s hundreds of categories regarding “green” everything. From articles on recipes, to travel, to hybrid cafe/office spaces- you will not be unamused. 70+ Eco-friendly meals and recipes

10 Weird and Gross Ingredients in Processed Foods

Green by Coworking

Food Change
Here you can find up to date news regarding food facts, dangers, and alternatives and discover opportunities to get involved making a change. Learn about industrial farming, food security, gene modification, urban gardening, ingredients and labeling, sustainable seafood, and factory farming from this social action platform.

Moms Making our Milk Safe
Understand the increasing threat of toxic chemicals and industrial pollutants in human breast milk, and what this group of women is trying to do about it.