Center for Neighborhood Technology
This think tank’s motto is “Sustainable Communities, Attainable Results,” and their creative Transportation and Community Development programs, projects and publications will turn you into a forward thinking expert on smart growth and sustainable urban form.

Center for Neighborhood Technology H+T Affordability Index
Isn’t it about time to take a closer look at the way we define affordable housing? This index, developed by the Center for Neighborhood Technology, provides the true cost of housing based on its location and associated transportation costs.

Transit Oriented Development Database
Here’s another valuable tool brought to you by CNT. TOD stands for “Transit Oriented Development” and the TOD Database provides economic and demographical information for every fixed guideway transit station in the United States.

Walk Score
Living in a walkable neighborhood is beneficial to your health, property value and the environment. Learn why walkability is so valuable and discover the most walkable cities in the country.

The City Fix
Sustainable Urban Mobility: Want to understand mobility issues around the world? Stay up to date with this online resource for global sustainable transportation news, blogs, and best practice solutions.

Victorian Transport Policy Institute
Check out this research organizations’ ideas, solutions, and resources for transportation planning and policy analysis.

Smart Growth Online
Want to learn more about what creates a healthy and sustainable urban environment? This site contains an array of resources, news, and events supporting the development of vibrant communities.

Smart Growth Online
Understand why smart growth is good growth and look over their ‘Smart Growth Principals.’

Congress for the New Urbanism
Freeways Without Futures: This article questions the viability of freeways in the future and proposes revitalization in the form of boulevards and other cost-saving alternatives.

Sprawl Retrofit Presentation
Understand the dangers of a sprawled growth pattern and how these misguided environments can be successfully retrofitted.

Transportation Networks
Learn how and why the kinds of transportation available in any given urban community determine its quality of life.

This article demonstrates the importance of a national joint transportation and housing policy and laments on how long it might take for real action to take the place of all the rhetoric.

Transportation for America
Learn more about the possible benefits of aligned national, state, and local transportation policies.

U.S Energy Information Administration
Energy Use: How much energy is used for transportation? What mode of transportation uses the most energy? Learn the answers to these questions and more through statistical analysis of the U.S Department of Energy’s data sets.