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Green For All
Green-collar job creation, training, service programs and everything in between. Check out this in-depth resource set.

Apollo Alliance
“Clean Energy and Good Jobs: Working to catalyze a clean energy revolution that will put millions of Americans back to work.” This coalition of business, labor, environmental and comity leaders promotes aggressive policies towards federal investment in America’s clean energy economy.

Environmental Defense Fund
Green Jobs Guidebook: Download this fantastic resource for job seekers in a green economy. With profiles of hundreds of green jobs including those available for high school graduates, job training and placement programs, and listings of an array of apprenticeship programs, this guide in an invaluable resource for those seeking environmentally conscious employment in California.

Get a Job: Top 10 Guides to Finding the Perfect Eco Career
This article lists ten resources for getting a good job that focuses on bettering the environment.

Great Green Careers
This article shows how you can take a green job all the way up to the top.

Ten Best Green Jobs for the Next Decade
This articles profiles ten career paths that can help change your life and the planet.

EllaBaker Center
Making Green Work: Best Practices in Green Collar Job Training.

United Nations Environment Programme
Green Jobs report: Towards Decent Work in a Sustainable, Low Carbon World. This report takes a look at climate change, employment challenges and investment solutions.

Think Green Degrees
If you want to know what green careers are available to you, then stop on by where we cover everything from career paths, salary, training, degrees and where to go for jobs available to people involved in the green industry. If you’re looking for news, research studies and discussions in the green industry, we have that too!

Additional Information on Green Jobs

Green Jobs Growing: A Los Angeles Times article explains that green jobs are growing four times more than other fields

Green Jobs: This site features a list of studies, press releases and initiatives that explain the effect of green jobs on the economy

4 Green Jobs: This Living Green Magazine article explains four useful green jobs for people to explore

What is a Green Collar Job: This article, from a green job initiative organization, features tips and information on “Green Collar jobs” and their importance

Green Job Overview: United States Bureau of Labor statistics and studies on green jobs

Turning Green Jobs to Gold: A United States Department of Labor study on green jobs, sustainability, green career programs and more information revolving around using a degree for green jobs

Green Job Opportunities: A portal for finding green job information, from the American Solar Energy Society

Reports and Fact Sheets: This link points to resources, fact sheets and reports from California Volunteers, a state sponsored green job task force

Green Energy News: A thorough news resource on green energy jobs, initiatives and developments

USA Green Jobs Now: USA Green Jobs is a portal to green career paths in a variety of fields and areas of interest

DOE Grant Summaries: Grant summaries from the Green Jobs Alliance, a nationwide sustainability career organization

Getting Your Green Collar Job: Resources for green collar jobs, including training, news, articles, continued education and more

9 Popular Green Jobs You Can Get Right Now: Forbes lists nine green jobs that are beneficial, and available to professionals right now

Clean Energy Jobs: U.S. Department of Energy gives detailed information on energy efficiency, renewable energy, green career paths, grants and other practical green-focused information

AFL-CIO Center for Green Jobs: WorkingforAmerica.org offers a wealth of resources on green energy, labor and transportation

What is a Green Collar Job, Exactly: Time Magazine offers a thorough article on what constitutes a green job and what role the government played

Secret to Green Jobs: A Thinkprogress.org study on how policy dictates green living and a thriving, prosperous economy

Fastest Growing Green Jobs: National Geographic shines light on 11 of the fastest growing green jobs

Green Jobs, Green New York: This New York energy efficiency and renewable programs organization features information on green jobs, cutting energy costs and developing positive policies

Green Job Hiring Tips

UC Berkeley’s Career Center
Utilize this through tool to build your resume, cover letter, and application. Watch their videos on interviewing, interning and networking.

CaliforniaAir Resource Board
Check out the California’s Environmental Protection Agency’s links for green jobs as well as their guidebook. Examine the impact of California’s landmark legislation, Assembly Bill 32, on the transition to a green economy and creation of green jobs.

Sustainable Careers
With this green job portal, you can find jobs related to the environment, sustainability, and renewable energy. Help create a greener American future through work that supports environmental sustainability and green living.

California Environmental Jobs
This extensive green jobs network lists job postings and job fairs all over the state.

On this helpful site you can search for jobs, write reviews, hear success stories and read reverent blog postings. Check out the “Green Job Hunting Tips,” including suggestions such as, “How to ‘Green’ your resume, ” and “How to write a green cover letter.”

Green Jobs Network
Search green jobs listing by category or location.

Sustainable Business
Nationwide “Green Dream Job” search engine.

Green Biz
Search for green jobs around the country.

Green Job Training

Green Jobs and Career Pathways Guidebook
This guide explains the work of over 164 jobs in the green economy and describes how you can get one for yourself.United States Department of Labor

Home Page, Employment & Training Administration (ETA) – U.S. Department of Labor
This website contains resources designed to help you find a job, training opportunities and career information. They specialize in helping youth ages 16 to 24 get a better job, make more money, and take control of their lives.

Economic Development Department
This link will help you find job-training programs in California and explore the efforts of various state agencies.

CaliforniaEnergy Commission
Here you can find great resources for job training if you live in California.

Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program

Clean Energy Workforce Training Program

GreenBuildingand Clean Energy Retraining Partnerships

Green Building and Clean Energy Pre-apprenticeship Training Partnerships

Career Advancement Partnerships

Workforce and economic development: data on green jobs and apprenticeships.

The Daily Green
Here’s a list of a few green job training programs, their costs and benefits. Follow the links to additional resources and articles if you are interested in working in the green economy.

United States Department of Labor
Find and apply for grants to fund your training and education.

Veterans: Green Jobs
Information and programming for veterans who want to enter the green job market and restore the economy.

Green Careers Guide
This site contains resources and articles on green jobs, training, business, and news.



Ohio Green Pathways
This catalog is a robust resource for people seeking education and training in green careers in Ohio. Developed by the Ohio Board of Regents (university system) and the Ohio Environmental Council, this guide lists the contact info and program details for green focused community colleges and adult career centers.

Urban League of Greater Cincinnati
Cincinnati regional organization that offers a number of programs that focus on youth, justice, and job placement.

Community Success of Henkels & McCoy (H&M)
Columbus regional organization operating a range of free programming and technical skills training designed to meet the specific social, academic, and employment needs of the community it serves.