Roots of Success for Prisons & Jails

Download a One Page Description of Roots of Success for Correctional Facilities

Roots of Success for Prisons & Jails is the go-to curriculum for correctional institutions working to achieve sustainability goals, conserve resources, reduce costs, and prepare offenders for employment opportunities in the green economy upon re-entry.

Roots of Success is an empowering and comprehensive environmental literacy and job readiness curriculum that has been customized for use in prisons, jails and juvenile justice facilities. It is structured to be used as a stand alone curriculum or to support education and workforce training programs in correctional settings. This version does not require that participants have access to computers. In addition, there are videos, visuals, exercises and activities that focus on efforts to green corrections.

“After 14 years of incarceration, this curriculum gave me the tools needed to be employable in the green industry. My prior lifestyle was destroying the environment and economy in communities. Now I’m building healthy communities and saving people money. Roots of Success was a major part in this powerful transformation.”
– Lawrence Harris, Roots of Successs graduate and Team Leader at Green City Force, New York

Roots of Success for Prisons & Jails is used and endorsed by prisons, jails and juvenile justice facilities, and re-entry programs across the nation:

See how Roots of Success is preparing incarcerated men and women for employment opportunities in the green economy upon reentry.

Tony and Willie are both serving life sentences at Southeastern Correctional Institution in Lancaster, Ohio. They are two of over 50 men and women serving long-term sentences who have been trained and licensed to teach the Roots of Success curriculum to Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections (ODRC) inmates serving shorter-term sentences. Because of their excellent communication skills and outstanding dedication to, and experience, teaching Roots of Success, Tony and Willie were selected to be Master Trainers for ODRC. In this capacity, the men will train and certify inmates throughout the Ohio prison system to teach Roots of Success.

Learn about the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections’ multi-year Sustainability Initiative; and how they are using Roots of Success to involve inmates in efficiency efforts and empower them to lead education programs.

This video, produced by our partners at the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, provides a general overview of the multi-year sustainability plan currently being instituted throughout the Ohio state prison system. As you will see, Roots of Success has become a central component of this initiative; empowering offenders in the course to increase their skills, prepare for jobs and reentry, and contribute to their institutions’ environmental impact reducing (and cost saving) sustainability goals.

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