Roots of Success for the UK

Roots of Success for the UK is an empowering and comprehensive environmental literacy and job readiness curriculum that has been customized for use in the UK. The curriculum has been extensively revised for use with diverse groups living in the UK. We produced this customized version in partnership with the Otesha Project UK, a youth-led organization that mobilizes young people to create social and environmental change at the local level.

Check out the video below on the work of The Otesha Project UK:

This version of the curriculum is being used to support education and work training programmes that serve ‘at-risk’ young people and adults. As well as improving essential job market skills, it raises awareness of both local and global environmental issues and empowers trainees to take action in their own lives and their community.

The themed modules and details of green jobs in those work sectors give trainees a real insight into opportunities in the green economy and the focus on employability skills throughout the curriculum develop soft skills essential for entry into the job market.

It has successfully been delivered to a range of groups in the UK as both a stand-alone training and as a key component of work training programmes; groups have included trainee bike mechanics, construction workers and prison inmates.

It has been accredited with the Open College Network and participants receive a level 2 qualification on completion,

Programmes in the UK currently using the programme: