Train-the-Instructor Training & Certification

In order to ensure consistent learning outcomes for students, all Roots of Success instructors must be trained and certified before teaching the course. To be certified, instructors go through a one-day Training-the-Instructor workshop where they receive all of the teaching materials they need to teach Roots of Success (Instructor’s Manual and multimedia DVD) and are licensed to teach the course. Trainings are held locally (we come to you) and typically include 15 participants per training. Training and certification are a one-time step; no further or continuing training is needed for instructors. Once certified, instructors can teach any and all customized versions of Roots of Success. Certified instructors are encouraged to develop supplementary materials and activities that adapt the curriculum to their region and students; and to share their work to the Roots of SuccessCommunity of Practice,” which includes a national network of certified Roots instructors and online resources to facilitate peer-to-peer communication and sharing of best practices, materials and ideas. To bring a training to your program or area, contact

  • Comprehensive one-day training
  • Teaching materials and certification included
  • Cost based on number of participants – (currently $400 per instructor if 15 participants are enrolled in the training)
  • Cost can be shared by programs and attendees

Roots of Success Instructors