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Roots of Success has two customized curricula for high schools and programs working with high schools aged youth. The curriculum and training is being used across the country in high schools, alternative schools, CTE high schools, green academies, juvenile facilities, and community colleges.

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Key Features

  • Meets Common Core Language Arts College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards
  • Engages students who are falling behind and inspires them to become life-long learners
  • Increases core competencies for students below grade level
  • Inspires exploration of STEM-based and environmental careers
  • Familiarizes students with 150+ green jobs and career pathways


  • Graduates a certificate
  • Includes Instructor’s Manual, Student Workbooks, Multimedia Content, Supplemental Resources
  • Ongoing technical assistance for instructors
  • Green Jobs & Career Pathways Guidebook
  • Modular and adaptable
  • Students can be given college credit

Our curriculum provides comprehensive lesson plans, rubrics, and assessments designed for students struggling in school or those who have experienced an interruption in their education.

What Students Say:


feel more motivated in educational settings


are more comfortable taking tests

What Instructors Say:


say the curriculum improved their students’ academic skills


say it improved their students’ communication skills



Roots of Success makes an impact at the individual, organizational, and institutional level.

Instructor Feedback

Roots of Success helps me engage and prepare low-income youth of color for the 21st-century labor market and green economy. The certificate is something they can be proud of and has a significant impact on their ability to find work.

Oscar Medina

Teacher, Western Institute for Leadership Development

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