Impact & Outcomes

Roots of Success plays a critical role in the lives of students, careers of instructors, and the growth programs. We have detailed their stories and statistics below.


More prepared for job interviews


Better understanding of environmental problems and solutions


Improved basic academic skills


More interested in community engagement


Increased professional vocabulary


Would recommend class to others


More knowledgeable on green careers


Will share what they learn with others

Success Stories

Nathan Duran

Nathan Duran

Adult Education Program Coordinator

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Tina Addi

Tina Addi

Project Assistant

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Tina grew up in San Francisco’s Bay View Hunters Point. Between the ages of 13-22 she had spent much of her time in and out of Juvenile halls and county prison. In 2009 when she was sentenced to 5 year in federal prison Tina decided it was time for a change, especially with 2 daughters to care for. Upon her release, she was referred to a 15 week job training program where she took Roots of Success, which gave her in-depth knowledge in environmental problems and solutions. This background helped her secure a 2 year position at the SF Departments Environment Now program where Roots of Success is being used as a foundational tool for environmental knowledge and professional development. Now as a Project Assistant at Cascadia Consulting, Tina helps local businesses set up their recycling and waste systems and looks forward to a promising future in the waste management field.

“Roots gave me my passions and it drew me to environmental work. Otherwise I probably would not care, or even really know about environmental issues. Roots of Success made it relatable. It feels like it was written for underserve communities and I don’t feel like I’m being discriminated against for that reason. ”

Aaron Serrano

Aaron Serrano

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Lawrence Harris

Lawrence Harris

Team Leader

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Broad Reach, Deep Impact

ROS has been used by over 350 education and workforce programs across the country to serve over 23,000 youth and adults.

Who We Serve

Almost 75% of students are low income and almost 50% have no income at all

AGE AND GENDER: 23% of students are under the age of 24; 21%  of students are Female and 79% are Male

EDUCATION: Almost 25% of students have no high school diploma or GED. Approximately 70% of students are at or below a 10th Grade reading and math level

INCARCERATION RATES: 42% of students had been previously incarcerated and 57% of students are currently incarcerated

ROS Prepares People for Living Wage Jobs and Careers

A survey of programs that used Roots of Success for at least two years found that among 1,200 graduates:

100% of program directors observed positive behavioral changes in participants

98% were better prepared for job interviews

75% found employment within 3 months

Almost all were making better wages than in previous jobs

Almost all were in jobs with greater upward mobility

70% remained employed 6 months later

Roots of Success Helps Programs Meet their Goals

98% of instructors report that ROS helped them reach their goals

95% say the course increased their ability to help students learn about environmental problems and solutions

80% say the ROS teaching approach and curriculum positively influenced their teaching style

90% would recommend ROS to other programs

“Roots of Success is a huge addition to our physical job site at the garden because it helped participants understand the connections between the hands on work and larger environmental systems.”

Lia Crosby

Project Coordinator, Project Main Street

Roots of Success Engages Students and Prepares them for Success

Strengthens Academic Performance
What Students Say:
85% feel more motivated in educational settings
88% are more comfortable taking tests
79.5% say they improved their academic skills

What Instructors Say:
99.4% say the curriculum improved their students’ academic skills
89.2% say it improved their students’ communication skills

Increases Environmental Literacy
What Students Say:
96.6% have a better understanding of environmental issues that impact their communities
97.59% know more about green jobs and career pathways

What Instructors Say:
77.8% say it motivated students to conserve resources
98.8% say it familiarized their students with green jobs and career pathways

Supports Professional Development
What Students Say:
85% feel more prepared for a job interview
87% are more comfortable working in teams
69.9% feel more comfortable speaking in public

What Instructors Say:
74.3% say it prepares their students’ for the job market
89.2% say it improved their students’ public speaking skills

Prepares Individuals to be Leaders
What Students Say:
89.4% are motivated to get involved in their community
96.69% said they will share what they learned in this class

What Instructors Say:
91.6% say it motivated their students to become civically engaged
100 % said they saw significant behavioral change in their participants

Roots of Success prepares individuals for jobs in every sector of the green economy. Graduates are employed in:

Green Job Training and Workforce Development

Environmental Education

Water Conservation


Parks and Open-space Maintenance

Marketing and Sales in Green Firms

Solar Installation

Waste Management


Green Building and Deconstruction


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