In February 2022 we had the great pleasure to train 5 new Roots of Success instructors, Ashley Bass, Programs Manager at Springer Correctional Facility was trained along with Savannah Holm, Sandra Pierson, Hope Bass, and Leticia Nicolet, who are currently incarcerated in New Mexico. These women will teach Roots of Success classes to other women incarcerated in Western and Springer Correctional facilities. Each one will also be the first generation of Roots of Success Apprentices in the state of New Mexico, earning certificates as Career Technical Educators/Environmental Literacy Instructors from the federal Department of Labor. Their Roots of Success students will be enrolled in the Roots of Success Pre-Apprenticeship, earning certificates as Environmental Specialists.

We are so excited to be working with these new instructors, each of whom is passionate about helping and healing people and the planet we call home.

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