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Youth Correctional Facilities Welcome Roots of Success to Utah

This June, 15 teachers, counselors, and staff working in seven different juvenile facilities in Utah were trained and certified to teach Roots of Success. Youth who go through the Roots of Success program in these facilities will receive a Certificate and preparation...
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Palo Alto Impact Center Invites Roots of Success Founder Raquel Pinderhughes to Panel on Scaling Nonprofits

In April 2017, Roots of Success Founder, Raquel Pinderhughes, participated in a panel and networking event focused on “Scaling Earned Revenue in Nonprofit Organizations”, sponsored by the Palo Alto Impact Center (now One World Training & Investments) and the...
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Welcome Success Center to the Roots of Success community

San Francisco is known for having a highly educated population. Yet despite its reputation, approximately 50% of African American and Latino high school students in the city test below proficient in language arts skills, and an astonishing 85% test below proficient in...
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Behind the Wall: Never Stop Dreaming

December 2016 NEVER STOP DREAMING! by: C.D.Walrond "Never stop dreaming!" Words I told to a disheartened student during the A.M. session of the Roots of Success class that I am an instructor for. It is so easy to lose heart and therefore lose focus when it appears...

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Behind the Wall: Breaking that Barrier

October 13, 2016 I received my Graduation Certificate for the spring 2016 Roots of Success program here at Stafford Creek this morning. I have been waiting to write you until it was “official”. I’d been hesitating because I wasn’t yet sure that I had not been dreaming...

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