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Behind the Wall: Never Stop Dreaming

December 2016 NEVER STOP DREAMING! by: C.D.Walrond "Never stop dreaming!" Words I told to a disheartened student during the A.M. session of the Roots of Success class that I am an instructor for. It is so easy to lose heart and therefore lose focus when it appears...

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Behind the Wall: Breaking that Barrier

October 13, 2016 I received my Graduation Certificate for the spring 2016 Roots of Success program here at Stafford Creek this morning. I have been waiting to write you until it was “official”. I’d been hesitating because I wasn’t yet sure that I had not been dreaming...

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Message from the Founder

“Roots of Success is more than a curriculum, it is an empowering experience. It prepares youth and adults to think critically about environmental problems and solutions, strengthens their academic and labor market skills, develops leadership, and helps them understand...

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