Roots of Success is excited to welcome Dan Pacholke to our Advisory Board!
Dan Pacholke served the Washington State Department of Corrections (WADOC) for 33 years, starting as a Correctional Officer and retiring as Secretary.  In 2004, while serving as a prison superintendent, he launched a series of ecological, environmental restoration and conservation projects that expanded throughout the state and eventually became a national network, the Sustainability in Prisons Project. In 2008 he engaged in focused strategies to reduce violence in prisons resulting in a 30% reduction in inmate violence.  He implemented multiple innovative staff safety described in a publication he co-authored, Keeping Prisons Safe: Transforming the Correctional Workplace. In 2014, he gave a TED Talk, How prisons can help inmates live meaningful lives
We look forward to working with Dan as an Advisory Board member. Please join us in welcoming him to the Roots of Success community.