Thomas and Wendy enrolled in the Employment Training Center and Roots of Success course at Asian Neighborhood Design (AND) — a 39-year-old community based organization located in San Francisco that is dedicated to reducing poverty and revitalizing neighborhoods in the Bay Area by building healthy communities and providing opportunities for low-income residents to become economically self-sufficient. AND offers Roots of Success as part of its green construction and life skills training program, designed to help participants develop pathways out of poverty. In this short clip the two recent graduates talk about how students in their class responded to Roots of Success and talk about how they expect to use the knowledge they gained fro the course in their work and daily lives.

Roots of Success has a powerful impact on both the instructors who teach the curriculum and the students who go through the course. This video is part of a series of short clips we produced from interviews we conducted with with instructors and students across the country about the impact the Roots of Success curriculum had on their programs and lives. Share your stories of success via videos, pictures, and testimonials by emailing us at