gcc_gradEarlier this year The Osborne Association celebrated the 30th Roots of Success graduation at their Green Career Center! The Bronx, NY based Green Career Center prepares individuals with current or previous involvement in the criminal justice system to enter and advance in the green economy by providing them with comprehensive environmental literacy and career development training. The Green Career Center incorporates the Fundamentals, Energy, Building, and Food, Health, and Agriculture modules of Roots of Success into their career-training program. The curriculum is a key component of the Green Career Center, allowing them to simultaneously accomplish the three critical goals of their program: increasing academic literacy; developing professional skills; and promoting environmental literacy.

Angel Gavilanes, Workforce Development and Roots of Success Instructor at the Green Career Center, recognizes that the curriculum “offers a different angle from our regular training and therefore expands the tools provided by The Green Career Center. Roots of Success has assisted us in empowering our participants. We are very grateful and enjoy using the Roots of Success environmental literacy curriculum!”

One of their participants’ favorite aspects of the Roots of Success class was the multimedia content; they particularly enjoyed the videos that discussed issues related to the green economy or sustainability in an entertaining, engaging, and inspiring way. Participants also appreciated learning about different types of green careers; as well as the vocabulary used by people in the green economy, which they understand is essential to obtaining employment in the green sector. Exposing participants to the ways that environmental issues like climate change, environmental injustice, and the lack of resources impact people around country and around the world also helped them better understand the issues they experience in their local environment.

To learn more about The Osborne Association Green Career Center’s five-week environmental literacy training and career development program, please visit their website or contact Kelly Watts at 718.707.2660 or kwatts@osborneny.org.