Jameelah Muhammad was one of the first instructors certified to teach Roots of Success back in 2009 and has been facilitating the curriculum in green workforce training programs across New York City ever since. She is currently the Community Program Coordinator for the Center for Sustainable Energy at Bronx Community College.

In our interview with Jameelah near her home in Harlem she shared her perspectives as someone who has watched the curriculum evolve since its initial release. Jameelah felt that Roots of Success aligned well with the goals of the organizations she worked with and talked about how it helped her to provide people from diverse backgrounds with access to environmental education and information about the green economy. She also commended the ease of teaching the curriculum, while expressing optimism that the easy to understand and relevant content of Roots of Success could give the youth and adults she works with the tools to actually grow the green economy. In this short clip Jameelah discusses how her students responded to Roots of Success and what she thinks they will be able to do with the information they gain.

Roots of Success has an unmistakable impact on the instructors who teach it and the students who go through programs that offer it. This video is part of a series of short clips we produced from interviews with instructors and students from across the country about the impact the Roots of Success curriculum has had on their programs and lives. We want to share your stories of success via videos, pictures, and testimonials! Please share your stories by emailing us at info@rootsofsuccess.org.