This week we have a chance to focus on Green City Force. This photo shows two of star teachers at Green City Force, Aram Marcelle and Lawrence Harris, teaching a Roots of Success class to participants in their program.

Green City Force is an AmeriCorps program located in New York City whose mission is to break the cycle of poverty, preparing urban young adults to succeed in their chosen careers by engaging them in service, training, academics and work experiences related to the clean energy economy. In doing so, GCF encourages them to lead socially and environmentally responsible lives. They are working towards a “green city” built on principles of sustainability, social, economic and environmental justice.

Using a national service model, Green City Force engages young people to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, inspires a passion for sustainability and service, stimulates the demand for green services, and create ladders to careers in the green economy.

Green City Force’s ambition is that national service directed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving the environment becomes an avenue to prosperity for a generation of urban youth in New York City, as well as a means to build a culture of sustainability that can drive the growth of the green economy.