The following is written by Jaime Armour, who graduated from Roots of Success at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility. Jaime was able to return to her community in The Dalles, Oregon in 2019. She will be providing us with updates about how she’s spending her energy and time since she returned home in these blog posts. Here’s her first post in 2021.

Hello there, I wanted to give you an update on the progress I have made since I was released from Coffee Creek Correctional Facility on September 05, 2019. I enrolled back into Columbia Gorge Community College and changed my major to Environmental science. I have successfully passed 2 environmental science classes with A’s and am currently taking another environmental science class with a chemistry aspect.

This week we are studying Recycling & Waste management. I have been helping the Gorge Discovery Center as well as 3 residential homes clean out all the hazardous waste, E-recycle, and recyclable materials. Tri-County Hazardous Waste & Recycling is having a free collection day in both Hood River and The Dalles, and I will be transporting all the materials I have been collecting to the collection site. I am excited to continue being a productive member of the grassroots community. Remember Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!