The following was written by Lori Moseley, Roots of Success instructor and advisory board member. Lori was incarcerated for two and a half years, and was released from Coffee Creek Correctional Facility in Oregon last month. She loves cats and dad jokes. Keep visiting the blog for our Outside the Wall series, which will follow the experiences of Lori and others over the coming year.

I’ve had a quiet week as it relates to getting a new class upstart moving.
Life can be analogous to a memorable concert. I can clearly hear the orchestra playing, working up to the crescendo. I’ve learned a simple truth as follows… Just because I don’t overtly sense the transition, doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening. The symphony has simple moments where only the flute sends it delicate and subtle melody. Not every instrument can be a grand piano or a bass drum.

Next week offers great opportunity. I will be front and center when the curtain opens. Have a wonderful week and enjoy the music. Lori from Oregon