This week the Pacific Coast Collaborative — which brings together leaders of the five Pacific Coast jurisdictions to address their unique and shared circumstances — released an exciting new economic analysis of the clean economy, along with an unprecedented “2012 West Coast Action Plan on Jobs.”

In the new report, West Coast Clean Economy: Opportunities for Investment & Accelerated Job Creation, the Collaborative confirmed that the clean economy in the Pacific Coast region is poised for significant growth in the coming years. “Job creation rates in the clean economy are well above those for other shrinking sectors of the economy,” Oregon’s Governor John Kitzhaber noted, and these jobs typically “pay better and have been more resilient to the recent economic downturn” than jobs in the traditional and dirty energy economies. Anticipating that the clean economy sector could triple in size by 2020, Pacific Coast Collaborative members have pledged to help stimulate the creation of one million jobs in the next decade through their comprehensive and collaborative “2012 West Coast Action Plan on Jobs.”

As the Pacific coast region gears up for major growth in the clean economy; Roots of Success will be there with the environmental literacy, job readiness and leadership training needed to help programs prepare workers for jobs in the clean energy sector.

(Left: Graduates of San Mateo County Green Jobs Academy pose with their families. San Mateo County’s Green Jobs Academy integrated Roots of Success into their classroom and on-the-job training program to prepare low-income men and women in San Mateo for meaningful jobs in California’s rapidly growing green business sector.