Green Futures LA, a professional development startup in LA, is beginning to incorporate Roots of Success into their strategy for creating a robust and productive green economy in Southern California. The social enterprise works to prepare and train an environmentally literate workforce that understands the central role sustainability plays in the emerging green economy and can promote sustainability in business. Green Futures LA offers professional development courses to job seekers who are trying to enter the green economy, but who lack the requisite experience and environmental literacy to get hired. Their two certified Roots of Success instructors bring extensive experience in teaching and youth work to the classroom, and are committed to ensuring that their graduates are among the best-positioned job seekers in Southern California.

All graduates from the Roots of Success program at Green Futures LA get free resume and interviewing assistance upon completion of the course.  In addition they gain access to a robust networking community, as well as hiring preference with many of Green Futures LA’s partner employers and organizations.

For more information about upcoming courses being offered by Green Futures LA, or to setup a Roots of Success course at your local community college or community center, email