Over the past few months Roots of Success has worked with the visualization experts at Karma Store to create this stunning infographic. To the left is a small clip of their work — click on the image to see the complete illustration! The team at Karma Store has done an excellent job of laying out the issues that guide us, describing our work, and illustrating the impact that funding from supporters have on our mission.

We want to again thank our partners at the Karma Store for providing Roots of Success with a beautiful visual that helps us tell the story of our impact in a way that engages donors, supporters, and people interested in using the curriculum. Click here to check out their stunning work!

We ask that you consider how a contribution to Roots of Success will enable us to continue providing an educational experience that transforms students into career-ready individuals that are confident, competent, and excited about learning to take active roles in the green economy.

For more information on how you can have an infographic designed by Karma Store for your organization, contact them directly at karmastore.org and sign up.