Last month, Stafford Creek Corrections Center in Aberdeen, Washington celebrated their 3rd Roots of Success graduation! It was a happy occasion at Stafford Creek Corrections Center (SCCC), celebrating the thirty-five graduates who had completed the Roots of Success course.

Receiving_line-e1390416406730Roots of Success for Prisons & Jails is the go-to curriculum for correctional institutions working to achieve sustainability goals, conserve resources, reduce costs, and prepare offenders for employment opportunities in the green economy upon re-entry. Stafford Creek Corrections Center aims to be a national leader in corrections’ sustainability programming, so offering the Roots of Success environmental literacy curriculum has been extremely valuable for staff, students, and  instructors. “The program is called Roots of Success, but it feels like the course is a seed planted in our minds,” said one graduate, reflecting on the class he attended three times a week for ten weeks. “It’s a platform for giving back to the community” explained one of the instructors, an SCCC inmate, “we have a disposable planet and disposable people and we have got to change how we do things. The challenge doesn’t end here; we’ve got to make those changes in the wider society.”

Check out the photos below from the graduation ceremony; and contact for more information about brining Roots of Success to your program, or to request access to a curriculum sampler.