In the article linked below Michael, a Washington State Penitentiary inmate, reflects on his experience as a newly trained Roots of Success Instructor:

Roots of Success “lights a path toward hope” Michael explains “it paints a picture of a conflict that, for once, is not only winnable, but will have no losers at all.”

Camera 36021 inmates and staff from Department of Corrections facilities across Washington state — including Cedar Creek Corrections Center, Stafford Creek Corrections Center, Correctional Industries, and Washington State Penitentiary — were trained and certified to teach the Prisons, Jails & Juvenile Justice Facilities version of Roots of Success during an April training in Tumwater, WA. After being trained as instructors in the curriculum, inmates teach classes of their peers about a variety of environmental topics. Contact for more information about brining Roots of Success to your program, or to request access to a curriculum sampler.